März 12, 2020

Hello IOTA Community!

Hello IOTA Community!

We appreciate that you find our IOTA Community project - einfachIOTA. We founded einfachIOTA in 2018 in Germany, with the mission -
explain IOTA to people in an easy language. Now we are a big Community within the IOTA Community to provide content and any form - articles, videos and our magazine. In early 2020, we decided to provide content for the english speaking community - and translate the magazine. We are happy to inform your with the newest stuff interesting interviews, welcome to einfachIOTA.com!

What does "einfach" means?

The word "einfach" means - simple and easy in one word. That why we keep this word, for our english readers.

What are our goals for the .com page?

We provide interviews, tutorials and "what is" articles on our blog.

First einfachIOTA Magazin presale

Our first magazine, written in German was a great success. We got so much nice feedback and sold all magazines, we printed in the presale. Many Community members did ask, if we also provide the magazine in different languages - and here we are. Our partner  traduku, a professional translating agency did help us and we did finished the first IOTA Magazin in English. We are currently in the Presale phase. In this phase, we collect many to print the magazine - it's like a crowdfunding for the printing costs.

Our plan is to create more magazines - and we are currently working on magazine number two - which is almost finished.

If you want to be part of this, you can presale a magazine and your name will be printed. And - we don't know if we print it again, so don't miss your chance to get one.

IOTA simple and easy.

Our mission is to provide content around IOTA and to explain IOTA in simple language.