März 12, 2020

IOTA payments activated again!

IOTA payments activated again!

While the downtime of the IOTA Coordinator after the Trinity, we also deactivated the IOTA payment functionality in our shop.
After a few days, the Coordinator runs again and the network is stable. You can track the network status on status.iota.org.


You can also pay now with IOTA and use the Token in a real world application - a online shop.  We would be really happy, if you test it - so we can print it an ship it to the people - there is so much work and love in it!

IOTA payments on https://shop.einfachiota.com/de

How it works?

Behind the scene, there is the IOTA payment module, which takes care about the payment process. The whole code is open source and can be found here. Don't hesitate to contact us, if you have questions.

Contribute to iota-pay/iota-payment-module development by creating an account on GitHub.

Thanks for your support! Your einfachIOTA Team!