März 12, 2020

Weekly Project - Pegasus

Weekly Project - Pegasus

This week we have an interesting project for you. The Pegasus Browser Wallet. This is a chrome extension, which brings you the ability to transfer IOTA tokens within your browser in a secure way. And there is more! Pegasus brings IOTA functions to any website - and website developers can connect websites with the Pegasus Wallet! We did an interview with the developer behind this project. Enjoy reading!

The interview questions have been answered by Alessandro Manfredi, thank you for that. đź‘Ź

Please describe your project in a few simple sentences.

Pegasus is an IOTA wallet implemented as a Browser extension, that allows you to access IOTA Tangle from the Browser without running an IOTA node. In addition it allows developers to develop IOTA Dapps without posing the problem of how to keep the seed safe, thanks to the injection of iota.js library into the content script of browser pages.

How did the idea come about?

Pegasus was originally born as a thesis work for my Master's Degree and was to be a decentralized IOTA-based marketplace in the form of a browser extension.

Once the thesis was completed (as Pegasus also included the functionality of a wallet), I decided to put aside the idea of ​​the marketplace and focus only on the wallet functionalities, and, since having always been fascinated by Metamask (in particular by its working mechanism) I really liked the idea of ​​doing a "Metamask for IOTA". For the uninitiated, Metamask is a wallet for ETH in the form of an extension for the Browser.

What target audience is the project directed to?

Certainly to developers who want to develop IOTA Dapps without facing the problem of seed security (as mentioned above), but above all, to users who want to access the Tangle from the Browser safely.

On what vision does the project rest upon?

Let's say it would be very nice if it became a "standard" tool to access the Tangle through the browser.

Does the project have concrete goals? If yes, which?

The main purpose for which Pegasus was born, is to try to increase the adoption of IOTA as much as possible, as it allows the user to interact with the Tangle directly with the browser in a safe way.

Another purpose is to try to facilitate developers the development of IOTA-based applications without paying attention on how to keep the seed safe..

Where are IOTA technologies used?

Since it is a wallet based solely on IOTA, we can say that IOTA is the basis for this project.

Which IOTA technologies are used? (Libraries, tools, etc.)

Pegasus is a Google Chrome extensions, completely written in Javascript where the popup part has been developed using React. This application is mainly based on the iota.js and mam.client.js library which, in addition to being used by the wallet, are injected into the content script of each page that the user visits in a slightly modified form (removal of the use of the seed). This mechanism allows developers to develop iota-based applications without facing the problem of seed security. Another feature recently added (thanks to the injection of mam.client.js), is to allow the user to be able to create MAM channels while keeping the seed of the channel safe (and the sidekey in case the channel is of type restricted).

What is the main reason for choosing IOTA?

I believe that IOTA is a technology with great potential and I am very confident of its success, but I also think that at the moment there are few tools that allow ordinary users and developers to take advantage of this technology. For this reason I decided to develop a tool that facilitates both the normal user and the developer who wants to interface with IOTA.

Who is the project responsible and who belongs to the team?

At the moment I'm working alone on the project!

What knowledge and experience do you have?

I'm a computer engineer with a degree from the Polytechnic of Turin, and I'm currently working as a Blockchain engineer for Provable Things (aka Oraclize 2.0) on pTokens project.

I work mainly on Ethereum and Bitcoin but I must admit that I have always had a passion for IOTA which led me to develop Pegasus.

What motivated you to move the project forward?

Two things mainly: the first is definitely the desire I have to learn and the second is the passion I have towards IOTA.

What motivates you to continue the project?

I'd like Pegasus to be recognized as a IOTA "standard" wallet and that the community start using and integrating it into IOTA-based applications.

Can the community help you? If yes how?

Absolutely yes! I would very much like someone else to contribute to the project.

Website: https://allemanfredi.github.io/pegasus-website/
Github: https://github.com/allemanfredi/PEGASUS
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AlleManfredi

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