März 24, 2020

All IOTA Projects on #WeVsVirus Hackathon by German Governance

All IOTA Projects on #WeVsVirus Hackathon by German Governance

The German government's #WeVsVirus Hackathon was a complete success. incredible numbers reflect this success.

  • 43,000 registrations
  • 1900 Pat: inside for challenges
  • 2900 mentors
  • 27,000 active users: inside on the platform
  • 13,000 profiles at Devpost
  • 1,500 registered projects
  • 100 projects from the ministries
  • 464,866 Slack messages (and counting…)

A YouTube playlist with all the contributions has been created - this includes an incredible 1,139 videos.

#wirvsvirushack Alle Projekte #88 - YouTube
#wirvsvirushack Alle Projekte #88

IOTA community projects

We had reported that the IOTA community also participated in this hackathon. We take a closer look at the projects.

TrackCOVID cluster

App for creating encrypted contact profiles and detection of infection clusters. Ensure data security and data integrity.
A team has set itself the task of improving the transmission of infections and securely transferring the data using the Tangle.
The basis for this is the open source tool QResDIOT, which creates a secure connection and publishes the data via MAM.

Of course there is also a video.

You can see more information on the Hackathon project page or on the project page itself.


Online Marketplace Application

A decentralized framework for free community applications -
the new way to be online.

A lot of projects had taken the topic of "local companies" to heart, because many local businesses had to close and it is difficult or even impossible for them to generate any income.

There have been many projects that have built an online shop to support the business. The same idea - but use a completely different approach.

Instead of today's common technologies, the team relied on blockchain and DLT. All shops and all products are stored in a forgery-proof manner in the decentralized network. This means that shop operators do not need an extra server or service and there are no additional costs. By using the IOTA token, there are no costs when buying - not even transaction fees.

A decentralized, commission-free, local-economy focused online shopping platform.

Website: https://oma-shop.github.io/landingpage/de/
Demo: https://oma-shop.github.io/marketplace
Hackathon project: https://devpost.com/software/online-marketplace-application
Open source code: https://github.com/oma-shop

We continue to report on the online hackathons in this difficult time. The next one will take place this weekend (March 27-29).

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